Saturday, September 1, 2012

All day Wednesday September 5, the Kindle version of the book "The Girl Who Had No Enemies: and the Man Who Hated Women", by Dennis Fleming will be available for free at

Monday, June 18, 2012

Anti Death Penalty Memoir

Just published my new book The Girl Who Had No Enemies: and the MaN WhO HaTeD WoMeN Available at new for $8.43. It is a rewrite of the previous edition titled, She Had No Enemies, and focuses on areas of interest that the first edition missed. The Girl Who Had No Enemies looks at serial killer LaRette's mental health and describes other murders that he committed. It also covers the heroic efforts of Florida deputy Pat Juhl and her six-year interrogation in which she was able to document the killer's admission to over two dozen additional murders. Anthony J. LaRette Jr., had been on a ten-year-long path of violence, murder, and rape. Eighteen-year-old Mickey Fleming had recently graduated high school and had stayed home from her summer job to nurse a migraine headache and a fractured collarbone. THE GIRL WHO HAD NO ENEMIES follows the parallel trajectories of these polar opposites until they meet and then chronicles the emotional damage and rebirth in the aftermath.

About Me

As Andy Ashling, I'm writing a memoir titled: "The Sex Life of Andy Ashling". It is not pornography or erotica. It's a comedy, maybe a surreal one, but basically a comedy.